Anybody else have Plantar Fascitis?

I have it too.

My DH's cousin is a sports rehabber (is that a word?) anyway, she suggests while you are sitting on the computer or watching tv, roll your foot on a tennis ball to help stretch it and if they are hurting bad, an ice cold water bottle. She also suggested giving each foot a good rub and stretching it before getting out of bed in the morning. GOOD shoes are a must! I don't know is weight is an issue for you, but losing weight is supposed to help too. I have lost 11 pounds and I don't know if it is that or all the foot exercises she suggested, but my feet are starting to feel better. It has been about 1 1/2 years since mine started. Some mornings I would have to hold on to the bed as I walked around it because it felt like I was walking on ice picks! It was so painful that I was willing try just about anything!

Give those things a try and see if it helps! At first it will hurt when you roll your foot on the ball and then it feels so good!
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I"m right there with you... one side of my family, all the cousins seem to have it so maybe I know why my gramma walked so funny too now!

It hurts!!!! Sometimes brings tears to my eyes in the morning. ohhhhh OUCH!
A Chiropractor I know said to stand on one foot, barefoot, for several minutes a day, to tone all the small muscles in the foot.
I think it was about 5 minutes a foot, total.
That and losing weight (have to do that again!) helped me a lot, as do good shoes and stretching.
Good luck!
I have custom made orthotics for my shoes, after getting those, the heel pain went away in about a month, , but i cannot go barefoot ever. I wear crocs, ugly as they are, in the house all day, and if I go outside, I need to wear my laceups with my inserts in. I also see a massage therapist once a month, and I do believe that helps. but the inserts were the cure for me.
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Orthotics are the way to go. I was measured for some from a chiropractor and he cut out the section that would be where the heel spur was. I have had no problems since then and it has been over a year. No pain!

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