Anybody planning on going to the April 17th PNPA show?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by FrizzleFreak, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. FrizzleFreak

    FrizzleFreak Chillin' With My Peeps

    I think it's like the ABA sponsored show of the year or whatever. All I know is that it's ABA sponsored, it's pretty close to where I live, and I'm going. I'll be the one cooing over my Frizzle roo. [​IMG]
  2. playswithfowl

    playswithfowl One Earth!

    Jun 18, 2007
    Ohh I reallllyyy really want to go but probably won't because my mom's b-day is that weekend.. [​IMG]
  3. GopherBoyFarms

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    Mar 18, 2008
    Vancouver WA
    Are you talking about the PNPA show on April 18th and 19th in Stevenson Washington?

    If it's that one....we are going!!!
    I was just looking at the mailer and the entry form this morning.
  4. Ondra's Seramas

    Ondra's Seramas Drowning in Seramas

    Feb 19, 2009
    North Central WA
    I am bathing my seramas now!

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