Anyone else a TRAPPER?


12 Years
Mar 4, 2007
This is only my second year trapping...but I know being a trapper is just something that is in my blood. I enjoy every aspect of it and enjoy the time I get to spend out in the fields...woods..and creeks of rural PA in the Fall!!! People ask me how I can love animals and trap...I say how can you love animals and not trap. Anyone who has ever seen a mangey coyote or fox knows what I mean. Trapping is a ethical way to manage the furbearer population...and also make money for wildlife research and protection!
So to put it plainly...I LOVE TRAPPING!!
Anyone else?
Only trapping I've done is live trapping for wildlife research. White tail deer and small mammals. The deer we actually caught using a little bit of salt in 4x4 x 12 long plywood boxes.
I trap and hunt. All the furbearers I get are gonna be worn! I hope to have enough mink this year to make a scarf. I feed the carcasses back to my poultry so there is no waste.

I am about to order some different baits to try with some cubbys and this year I will try some conibears. I started with snares but they are not allowed in the state I live in now so I went to coil springs.

Lat winter I caught a mink that had killed a neighbor's rabbits and chickens, killed 14 of her rabbits and 7 hens. The mink population here is very high and not surprising, there are no wild rabbits or hares in these parts.

By the sound of things the coyotes have had a good year. I will do my best to reduce their population as well.
I am also a trapper. It is also in my blood. I cant get rid of the fever. To be outdoors makes me fell free. I would still trap even if there was no money for the fur. I mainly trap water but I due go after the coyotes. I live in an area that is growing fast with people so the wildlife population is infacing with people and coyote don't care if the eat people cats or chickens. Good luck to all trappers out there this season and stay safe.
If you enjoy trapping, you should check out One if not the best trapper sites. And yes I have been known to trap a critter or two. From the past training Uncle Sam gave me, I was able to trap 1 human. He was stealing my chickens. He is now in a jailhouse in one of the Carolinas. As he was wanted for some crime there, that was more important than stealing chickens here.
its illegal to trap in MA, i believe...i think shooting them is a much more humane way to kill them..but..its only my personal opinion..
..but i'd let ya come to my street and get some of these coy dogs that are pestering us again...because trapping is illegal here..we are getting more and more of them around!..there was even a notice at my vets office yesterday when i was there..about the coy hill, coy dogs in our they are getting out of i believe it does have its purpose...Wendy
When trapping for fur you cannot be shooting holes in the pelt! Every hole reduces the value of the pelt.

I haven't trapped in years but I used to make a darn good income as a kid trapping muskrat.
you make perfect sense miltonchix...never thought about the fur being all shot up..
hmm.png was only stating my really dosent bother me if people trap or not...
...take care, Wendy

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