Anyone else find their back yard invaded by all sorts of animals?


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May 30, 2012
We got our first 5 chickens last year. We noticed that a couple of neighborhood cats seem to enjoy relaxing in our yard from time to time, and neither they nor the chickens seemed bothered by it. Then our neighbor's mini-lop bunny decided to take up residence with us, rather than stay in his own yard, still no problem with the chickens. Next was a white release-dove or racing dove who decided to take a week-long sabbatical in our yard (and acted quite like a chicken while he was here) until he left and returned home. He must have told his friends that we were bird friendly, because a little brown dove has taken his place and hangs out every day. The chickens are quite tolerant of the doves. They seem to race up to them as if they are prepared to chase them off their grass, but then they stop short and turn around when they realize it's just a little dove. And now we have 2 mottled ducks who have moved into our back yard....which ticks off our Buff Orp to no end because she has 4 new babies to worry about. And to top things off, I keep catching the neighbor's dog trying to wiggle under our fence to join the party. I feel like their must be a sign on our roof that says, "Animal Sanctuary." I'm going to open a petting zoo if this keeps up.
Yeah, I know. I keep putting blocks of wood across any new holes he has dug, but my next step is to break out my son's sling shot. I figure getting beaned with some acorns a couple times might discourage him.
Could it be that they have always been there off and on but now you are outside more because of your babies? just sayin when we get new things we tend to notice things more that have always been there.

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