Anyone else not doing Christmas this year?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by halo, Dec 5, 2010.

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    Ive emailed and texted all my friends, and have told them I am not doing Christmas this year, so please do not get me anything. I havent liked how Christmas has gone for the last 20 years; Im tired of the commerciality of it. Im tired of it being about how much money people spend on others that certainly isnt appreciated or remembered, meanwhile people rack up credit card bills that takes them a year to pay off. Im especially tired of how it has become improper to put up Christmas trees in the mall, because someone might be offended. Im tired of not being able to say Merry Christmas, because it might offend someone. So I am not acknowledging it this year, I am going to slide right thru it. I will watch a few of the choirs on TV, because I really enjoy that. I will not put up any decorations, I will not have any special Christmas dinner. I will go to a service on Christmas Eve with a wonderful friend of mine. And that will be it. Hopefully it will be a wonderfully beautiful day here, as it usually is, and I can enjoy my day with my critters; my horses, and my chickens, and my wonderful puppies.
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    Christmas is what you make it.
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    Quote:I agree. However Halo, the commerciality of it is definately a turn off for me too. [​IMG]

    ETA: Merry Christmas Halo!!! [​IMG]
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    I've never had anyone get offended when i said Merry Christmas to them.. And i've been saying it for 37 years..
    What kind of people get offended at something as innocent as a "Merry Christmas"?? [​IMG]
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    I'm not doing it this year, either. Usually make my own cards from photos of my dogs in snow, last year gave away hand made egg shell ornaments, etc. This year, I just can't afford it. Working overtime has left me no free time to work on crafts (and my coop project takes up what free time I DO have). So, no Christmas for me, either. And I'm ok with it.
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    Hmm, I can relate to what Halo is saying. Christmas used to be more wonderful without all the people out there trying to analyse it. However, it is what you make it. All the wondefulness is still out there you just have to focus on what it means to you. You don't have to go all out. Make plates of cookies for gifts, put up a small tree with a star or angel at the top and by all means put up the manger scene. I love the Christmas Eve services. People who understand what Christmas is really about need to keep their voice heard. Don't become discouraged and give up. It's what is in your heart that means the most. The birth of Christ is a big deal. Celebrate it.
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    Aug 8, 2010
    pagan here... we don't do christmas. We do, however, celebrate the winter solstice. But since I'm not a member of any pagan group, there's no-one who can have expectations of me so I get to do what suits me and my little family.

    And no, it's NOT cruel to not tell my son that santa exists.
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    Quote:Jehovah Witnesses!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:Very few people get offended at that. I never say Merry Christmas myself, buit only because not everyone is Christian.Instead I say have a Merry Christmas because the war on Christmas has made Christians so sensitive about Happy Holidays.

    They don't put x-mas trees in malls anymore? I don't understand that at all. There is absolutely nothing Christian about Christmas trees. Why would it offend anyone? That's a Pagan tradition since eons before Christ. The whole war on Christmas is just a fabrication to drive a wedge. Unless it's being paid for with taxpayer dollars anyone can put up anything they want.

    As for the commercial aspects I totally agree. It's just another day of the year. Retailers have made it into their major cash cow. Of course without it business would be pretty bad. Unfortunately with 8 kids we are pretty much stuck with it till we die. We should have told the kids it was a Christian holiday. That way we wouldn't have had to celebrate it. Now, they think it's the time of year that people exchange gifts.

    I can sure understand why you wouldn't want to spend all that money on gifts. I would spend a lot less if it wasn't for the kids. We would celebrate it Pagan style.
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  10. ebwy2

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    Aug 8, 2010
    Me & My Peeps :

    Quote:Jehovah Witnesses!! [​IMG]

    well, that's silly. I just (as a non-christian) say "thank you, you too!" because it's meant nicely. The same as if my jewish friends wish me happy hannukah, I thank them and wish them a happy one. Occasionally I may reply with "merry solstice", but it depends who I'm talking to - some people can't see the humour in it.

    Happy whatever the midwinter festival you celebrate may be! and happy midwinter to all in the northern hemisphere who don't have a festival, and happy midsummer to those in the southern hemisphere.​

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