Anyone Ever Eat A Runner?


10 Years
Sep 3, 2009
Prescott, Ontario
Anyone ever eat a runner duck? Other than the small size, what can you tell me about the flavor and texture? Would one runner feed a single person? I like to dress up special occasion dinners with something that is different and visually appealing. I thought individual servings of runner duck dressed with leeks and sweet potatoes would be something to try. Anyone have an opinion?
I tried one a few years ago- must not have been very good or I'd still be eating them. As I remember there wasn't much meat and it wasn't that tasty. I prefer (in this order): Muscovy, Mallard, Pekin.
I've heard, and I thought it was in Storey's Guide to raising Ducks, though I can't find it right now, that they are a lean meat with good flavor. It should be enough for one person.
I think I am going to go ahead and try it. I can have a back up lasagna in the fridge pre-made just in case it turns out wrong. I think the individual runners on each plate will look interesting.
I have cooked runner before only one and NO it isn't very meaty. Alot of carcus little meat but what meat was on it was very tasty to me . Not a gamey taste either just a normal ducky taste. Not worth the cleaning for such little rewards. Kinda like easting a cornish game hen lol.
My goal is for good taste and great visual appeal. I will have plenty of dishes as I usually serve a 5-6 course meal on these special occasions, so the size really is not an issue.
I am glad to hear than a few people enjoy the taste. I can see why you would say it is not worth the cleaning for such a small amount of meat, but the beauty of the dish is worth it for me.

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