Anyone ever get a splash EE w/ no muff and a rose comb from MPC?


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Sep 9, 2010
Saint Paul, MN
Hey all,

I received a weirdo chick from MPC. Was supposed to be a light brahma, but is definitely not that. Looks like a splash wyandotte to me, but the folks at MPC (super nice, btw) are emphatic that she can't be one because they don't offer them! They insist that she's either a splah rosecomb bantam (too big), a splash hamburg (too chunky), or a splash EE (no muff or pea comb, although she is starting to get a slightly greenish tinge to her yellow legs). Anyone ever get one of these from MPC? I'll post pictures tomorrow as soon as my camera battery's charged
Pics will defnitely help, but I know that even though you think you are getting purebred chickens from the "big guys", they rarely are, or they aren't up to the standard.

We got what we thought was a red standard cochin from Ideal, and it is a perfect cross of a New Hampshire and Cochin!
I'm hoping she will be a good broody, because she has no other redeeming qualities! She's not friendly to chickens or people, she eats a lot, and her eggs are on the smallish side. I'm holding out to see, because as big as she is, she should be able to hatch out a lot of eggs! LOL!

Once you post pics, you will get a lot more response.

Yeah, she looks nothing like a light brahma. I'm guessing a wyandotte roo got into an EE pen wherever MPC gets their eggs. Unless she is a hamburg or bantam rosecomb.... Here are a couple pics:

Knephla hanging out with her "faverolle-ite" friend, Bernadette. Ha.


Here's a close-up of her beak. This is a rose comb, right? I've never had a chicken with one before.


I'm really anxious to see what kind of eggs she'll lay! Unfortunately, I'll have to wait awhile; she's only 7 weeks right now.
I have a splash andalusian too - their body types are actually very different, as well as their eye and leg color, and combs. The pic doesn't quite show how chunky she is. However, they looked <i> very </i> similar as chicks.

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