anyone from Missouri up right now?


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
Branson, missouri
My God it is like a light show out there dime, size hail, t watch for my county till 3am. I am worried about my brown egg layers right now because I think the roof is off their coop. the only light is the lightening strikes. storm is too advanced to try to beat it. Im so sick of this weather. I hope my chickens are in their house and not out in the coop.

Just a lot of rain and lightning up here. My poor girls are a muddy mess. The ducks are loving all the puddles though, lol. Hope the weather clears up for you!
Yes, until 3 too. The weatherman said he doesn't expect anything severe up here though. We got some wind and pea sized hail earlier but it seems pretty much done now.
they just broke in again looks like it is passing now heading east... ava is going to get it now
im going out to fix the roof on the chicken coop. stay safe Donna

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