Anyone from Missouri?


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Mar 13, 2008
I'm new here so thought I'd introduce myself.

I live in NW Missouri. I have 8 dogs, 23 chickens, & 1 cat.

More importantly, I have a wonderful DH & four great children.
New here. We live in Warrensburg and have 30 chickens. 7 are 7 months (and still not layin') and we bought 23 more last week. We also have 2 dogs that are smaller than our older chickens but think that they are bigger and a cat that wants nothing at all to do with them.
Hi Cluckin' Crazy!

Give your hens another month & see what they do. We had 19 eggs today from 23 chickens! Our largest egg day yet. They layed at around 8 months. Rhode Island Reds & Barr Rocks!
I had a long talk today with my rooster Big Bob. I told him that the girls better get to producing or he's first in the frying pan. He just pecked at my boot, turned and crapped. I guess he told me

Mine are a mixed lot. 2 Silkies, 2 Sumatras, 2 Idontknow's
and Big Bob.
The new yunguns are a mix as well. Turkens, Red Sex Links, Partridge Cochins, Americana, and Polish Crested.
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Hi Farm Girl!

We are 90 minutes north of KC.

Cluckin' Crazy ~ I don't hatch eggs yet. No rooster.
I'm buying some Bantams this year & pondering a rooster. I hear they make your flock go all destructive. Is that true?
This is my first rooster and so far he just protects the girls. He's not to bossy with them but when the dogs come a snoopin' he gets between the hens and the dogs quickly.
Hi all. I am in Jeff City. We just moved to a new place where I am finally able to have a mini-farmette (yeah!!) and I just got 16 chicks. Plan to add a few hens each year and we want to enter the goat world this summer and get two goats. Still debating goat breeds, considering either Pygmy or Nigerian Dwarf, main thing is that they be buddies w/eachother and like people.

Today I took the big chicks (13 Dominiques) outside for the afternoon since it was warm and had a great time watching my 3 yr old daughter sit and feed them wheat rolls for an hour. Reminds me of when I was a kid and loved chickens, it is so cool to share this with her-- I have been really excited to be getting the chickens but everyone else thinks I'm nuts.
Kinda new here myself. Live about 30 miles west of St Louis on 15 acres with a wife, a couple of donkeys, an emu, a few dozen chickens and ducks, plus lots of dogs and cats.
Cluckin' Crazy ~ That's good to know.

Legacyln ~ Awww, your daughter must love it! My children were very excited about our first chickens last year. The chickens are really my boys & my youngest daughter. She's nine now. She plays "house" in the chicken yard.
They are very good with our chickens. It was their project & they have stuck with it completely. Their my chickens when they are chicks.LOL I'd love to raise Nubians. I find them very cute looking but would love to have one or two of them.

Dickiebird ~ You live in a very pretty area of Missouri. Lots of trees! Donkeys are neat! They sound fun as animals. I have 8 dogs, one cat, & 23 chickens. Love my animals!

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