Anyone have a hen that won't let her man around other hens?

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    Dec 14, 2010
    Hi all. In the process of rebuilding my flock, I picked up a pair of Marans, a Copper Blue cockerel around 10 mos and a Copper Black hen around a year. From my own experience, and from everyone else I have talked to, its the dominant roo that claims his hens and keeps them up. Oddly enough, this seemed to be the case with this roo, other than this particular hen stays stuck up his butt constantly. She likes him, I get that, and when she chases other hens away from him, I sort of get that too. This morning, though, I saw her pull him off of another hen that he was "getting busy" with. When I say that, I mean pulled him off like another rooster would do, by the back of his comb... Ouch...

    Has anyone else seen or heard of another hen that was that protective of her rooster? She's funny to watch, and definitely knows her way around a roosters attention... call it teasing. While she's prancing around him, if he tries to do the wing dance, instead of running or submitting like most good hens do, she drops her head and spins around him to his rear. It seems to be her way of saying "not right now," even though she never really leaves him. It actually tames his instinct to chase her down like many younger roos will do.

    Anyone else had a hen like this?

    Here's the strangely monogamous pair...

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