anyone have a picture of an Egyptian goose egg?Or what do they look

My only problem is they are in with my muscovys and once in a while I find an bigger egg in the mess b ut I don't know if its from my ducks or the geese. I have an bonded pair. So I might be selling some of my geese eggs with the muscovys. do they have any spots or werid shape to them?
You might want to post in the Geese section... someone must have a pic somewhere...
I will try to get a photo when I candle eggs next time.

It depends on the hen tough. Some will lay eggs that are almost similar to muscovy. Most are slightly bigger and a little more pointed. But they are the same color as the muscovy eggs.
that won't be good I ahve been selling all my muscovys eggs. I did find two greener looking eggs yesterday so in the bator they went.

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