anyone have bearded dragons?

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  1. I have a 1 year old bearded dragon.

    He gets fed the dark green lettuce (cant think of the type right now), bearded dragon pellets, bearded dragon fruit and greens stick things, crickets, and some other things.

    I do soak him in the bathtub in warm water once a week. He will stick his mouth under the water and drink, and then he will poop. If he hasnt pooped for days, I stick him in the tub with warm water, and within a couple minutes, he poops.

    I have my bearded dragon on sand. Ive heard bad things about that calcisand thats why I decided against that.
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    One thing jumps out at me here,
    check his/ her mouth, if it looks red, or black she could be coming down with mouth rot. major cause of not eating, there is also a chance of cocidiosis, internal parasites also.
    what did they give her thats being excreted out as soon as it goes in.
    giving a dragon something to make her poop when she isnt eating should have only been done by a qualified vet.
    they may have created a larger problem than necessary.
    is the dragon drinking? does she look all wrinkly or shriveled? dehydration sets in very fast.

    I would suggest getting the dragon to a qualified vet asap.

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