Anyone have some Spitzhauben eggs for sale


Cochins R Us
15 Years
Nov 10, 2007
Mooresburg TN
Last time I bought some of these eggs. I had 15 come in all good condition, But only one hatched and it died the same day it hatch. It broke my heart.
If anyone has any eggs I'm looking for a doz or so. I can send paypal or trade eggs with you.
I sell Spitzhauben hatching eggs. I'm in Oklahoma. I try to only mail eggs that are laid within 2 days before I mail them, and I take them directly to the Oklahoma City Airport Post Office where they are flown out. I use priority mail, so it normally takes 2-3 days for the eggs arrive. Most people have had good luck with hatching my chicken's eggs, but there's always a chance that rough handling will destroy or damage the eggs.

What type of eggs do you have for trade?
How much do you sell your eggs for? The only pure chickens I have right now are Americana, Turken and maybe some Sultans if they will stop breaking their eggs.
I will have Sliver,Golden, and white pheonixs and Buff oprington eggs later on
I usually sell my hatching eggs for $1 each, and include extras. Postage is $12. I also have Brabanter chickens, Jersey Giants, silkies, and call ducks. If you'd prefer to trade, I would be interested in the silver & golden phoenix, and possibly a few of the buff orp & turken.
okay that sound cool. But my phoenix and buff opringtons won't start laying til the end of the summer. I do have turkens laying right now.Right now I have some silkie turkens eggs coming .so my inubators are going to be full again.I have alot of Geese and Peacock eggs in there right now.So I contact you in a week or two after my 2 doz Cohin eggs hatch.
I can vouch for Carlas eggs...I had a wonderful hatch on my end and they are fat and sassy! Now I gotta tell the genders on those funky chickens!

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