Anyone heard of a Blueing?


6 Years
Mar 12, 2015
Today I was buying a few chicks. I was looking for a chicken that layed a lot of blue eggs, and the lady recomended a Blueing chick. She said they are a production cross blue egg layer. I got one just to see what it would turn out like:) It is all white, no muff, and has a pea comb. Has anybody heard of this variety (cross) of chicken before? I would love to hear what cross you think my mystery chick could be:)

I think I've got one. Does she look like this? Best Blue Egg layer I own.
I've got a Male too. Although he's got the oddest comb I've ever seen, he may not be pure.
I love them, and plan on breeding them in the future. They are a bit flighty, but that keeps them alive when free ranging. I will warn, they fly well! The female cleared my 10ft fence!!
They lay the most gorgeous color egg, and they are very nice sized too. I got about 4-5 blue eggs a week from one hen. They are high in the pecking order, but not quite on top. So they can definitely hold their own against other large breeds. I'd love to see a picture of yours if you have one, not many people have this breed. :)
Thank you for sharing your pictures! I will have to get some tommorow. Especially with the white egg color and high egg production, it does seem like there is some leghorn in the Blueings.
It is nice to hear that they are active and productive egg layers. Out of all my chicks, the Blueing is already top of the pecking order! Just curious, where did you get your birds? I am very excited to try out this new variety of chickens!

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