Anyone help me please broody question?


10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
new Hampshire
My silkie has been sitting 9 days now she looks awful she won't eat drink or poop, she just sits on her 3 eggs. I pick her up and move her so she has to eat she poops large 5-6 inch puddles of watery poop and back she runs to her eggs, Now she hardly opens her eyes and has not layed an egg since she sat on these. Is this normal?
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I think she is fine. I have only had one broody but I have heard that some totally zone out while setting. She probably gets up to eat and drink about once a day, just because you don't see her doesn't mean it isn't happening. You could try and offer her some yummy things by hand while she is on the nest if you are really concerned about her. I would give mine hard-boiled egg yolk (she never could resist) and watermelon, and made sure to offer her water everyday on the nest so I could see with my own eyes that SOMETHING was going into her. I think I caught her off the nest on her own only about twice in her whole broody period. She never did have eggs though, we didn't have a rooster so I just collected them all. She stopped laying all together and sat for about a month on nothing.
She is in by herself and I tried watermelon yogurt nothing. I wonder if she won't poop on the eggs so she holds it. There is no poop at all in her pen and when I force her oyt it's very large and runny no form to it all very smelly.
I have a game bird that has gone broody twice now in 3 months! Talk about making a person crazy! She comes out in the morning with the rest and eats the yogurt and oatmeal treats and drinks, and I take her off the nest twice a day and she runs around making odd noises for about 15 min, drinks a little, eats a little and gets back on. Oh well, I hope she is enjoying her meditation time-there are days when I feel like doing the same thing. I am hoping she snaps out of it soon., her game bird sister is missing her.

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