Anyone here have Fibromyalgia?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by jackiedon, Oct 18, 2007.

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    Mar 25, 2007
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    Jackiedon--T-Tapp is a rehabilitative fitness program created by Teresa Tapp. Watching her move, you'd never know she had scoliosis and chipped 3 vertebrae in a fall when she was in high school. Her website is

    It may be that you aren't assimilating the magnesium. If you have migraines, especially right-sided ones, you could benefit from a good quality supplement. I use Mg taurate and rub the "oil" on my stomach or lumbar area. Its great for muscle soreness or cramps. If the oil stings on contact, you might need to dilute it some. I still get migraines (peri/menopausal fun!) but instead of 3 straight days of misery a month, I'm down to 1 day of tolerable pain. I rub some of the Mg oil on my temple along with some rosemary & peppermint oils.
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    Jun 4, 2007
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    No one understands it and we look fine so they think we are putting on. I have a hard time when a day I feel good over extending myself. I have problems with exercising because I feel good and do a lot and then I'm in bed for a couple of days.

    I have to say I have a WONDERFUL Rheumatologist who understands and is very compassionate.

    DH and I were discussing today that this will probably be my last year working for the school. I'm not doing my job justice. My bosses have been very understanding but it's not fair. Plus there are other employees who are getting upset with me because they don't understand it.

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    Apr 11, 2007
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    I just got diagnosed this week. I got the lab results back, and my ANA test was negative for Lupus. I was also tested for Lime's, West Nile, and any other auto-immune disorder. My T3 & T4 came back normal as well. Since there is no real test for Fibro like lab work etc. finding out you have it is more of a process of elimination more than anything. I can tell you on me there are a couple of trigger points that really just drop me. The back of my neck around my shoulder areas are really sensitive when I try to sleep at night. The pain is so severe that I can't lift my head up, and I end up grabbing the headboard just to re-position myself on my side. When I'm up though if someone touches my lower back just above my gluteal muscles, they can drop me to the floor like a pancake. It feels like someone has just kicked the back of my legs and down I go. I'm currently on Celebrex daily and some strong pain medicine for the flare ups. I still can't get my wedding and Mother's rings back on my fingers, but I'm still hoping.

    My mother has Lupus as well as the Fibro and my grandmother had Lupus, so when I started getting the pain, swelling etc. I made sure I was proactive with my health. Not that I'm happy to have Fibro, but I was a little nervous about the possibility of having Lupus. Relief for that I guess. Count your blessings when you can. Start a jar with marbles, because sometimes you have to pick what you will do in a day. Brushing your teeth and getting out of bed is sometimes all the marbles I can handle. There is a swimming therapy program that my MIL and SIL take for the Fibro, so I'll probably start doing that with them to help myself. It's nice to know we're not alone in this.
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    Jun 4, 2007
    Central Arkansas
    I have a positive ANA and I'm on a preventative meds for Lupus but there has not been any signs of damage so he is just watching it. He says I carry the Lupus gene and it might not flare up and it might tomorrow. He does blood test every 6 months.

    I have tried Celebrex but it causes headaches.

    Hencackle, I will check out that website. I don't have migraines unless I take Celebrex.

    Now I do good to just work. I missed 3 days this week.

    I tell you one thing that helps and it's my matteress heater!!! and during the winter an electric blanket!!!! They are life savers.

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    I forgot to mention the book, Mastering Leptin by Byron R. Richards. On p. 311, he says calcium AEP (calcium 2 amino ethanol phosphate) helps builds up the myelin sheath of nerves, enabling them to carry more energy. He also recommends coenzyme form of B vitamins because they don't require extra energy from your body to activate them.

    There is a whole chapter dealing with fibromyalgia. In a nutshell, he says the pain is due to congested lymphatics.

    Ewesheep--you deserve a better doctor. Please, please don't take Celebrex.

    I'm beginning to wonder if additives in processed food contributes to fibromyalgia pain. Especially MSG because it is a neurotoxin. It's in almost everything and the FDA doesn't require it to be listed on labels. If the label says "hydrolyzed yeast" or even "natural flavorings" it will be MSG in disguise. See
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    Jan 12, 2007
    Nice to see there is a few of us here! I take the good days with the bad tho today dont look good cooler rain is coming and hurt from head to toe, the few friends I have outside of home know when they see me its going to rain i look horrible and cant move this morning taking me longer to get dressed and out to the coops.hubby went ahead and got them out,Years ago I had over 500 birds and 11 horses and 4 goats and just couldnt do i have just the mini horse and the hackney and they are now in a big pasture up the street i just cant sell them, and have about 30 birds now,but without hubbys help especially the shoveling the coops i wouldnt be able to have them too,I hope you have a good fibro day im going to do my best tho know its going to be a tough one! I keep telling hubby I need to move to a desert so NO more rain I hate it I hate it!![​IMG][​IMG] feel like a walking talking weather man sunny hot days im fine and days like this I just want to crawl under a rock and hide:(
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    SUPPOSEDLY I have fibro. The weird thing is that my doctor never sat down and said I had it. One day we were talking about my pains and he said, "Well, you know...with your fibro..." That threw me off and I kind of ignored it, but he's thrown that out there a couple times since.

    I've been having a lot of pain since 2001. I was put on Celebrex, took one dose and broke out in a head to toe (literally) rash that lasted for about 3 days. So I can't take anything with the active ingredient in Celebrex (not sure what that is or how I'd spell it anyway). I've been on a ton of stuff since that that didn't work. Same thing with my reflux. Either it flat out doesn't work, or gives some nasty side effect that doesn't make it worth it to take.

    Here's my opinion on fibro. You have some other problem, but they can't figure out what it is. They get tired of looking and decide that's what you have. That's how I feel. My doc says I've got an autoimmune disease. The problem is finding out which one. After a couple of years of trying to figure it out (and a ton of money out of pocket, I'm uninsured) we still have no answer. I know I have a positive ANA, but he tells me it's negative on lupus, scleroderma....a couple of the biggies are negative. That's when the fibro came up. I don't know what to believe.

    I also wanted to add that I've got Raynaud's phenomenon. Apparently that's a "symptom of the greater disease at hand" according to my doc.
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  8. Wow, you poor people putting up with that pain.
    Heat pads and electric blankets are good.
    I also have days when I cant get going, if I build a new duck or chook run I over exert too and pay for for 2 days later.
    I have Voltaren only when I need it.
    I have MS, and a fractured spine from falling 3 storeys 15 years ago, plus an inflamation of the jelly that insulates my hipbone,. I wake up in pain most nights, If I sleep too long on my back or my sides.
    I usually just end up on my tummy.
    Then its a struggle to get out of bed from that position.
    Then I get Up, feed my son then my chooks and have a shower, then I feel sort of normal!!!
    I am so used to pain that I dont notice it anymore however it has caused lines on my face!!
    Ive tossed up getting a water bed, but everyone says they are unhealthy so I dunno!!
    This is a nice "let the load of your shoulders" thread!!!
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    I do not personally have this -- but my mother-in-law does , she also has Lupus and a bad hip/leg problem. I know the pain that goes along with this condition and all I can say is I am sorry you all have to hurt so much.
    I noticed that my MIL really suffers on days when it is cold or rainy and all she can do is lay there hurting but the one thing that always makes her feel better is when her two little lap dogs join her in a nap - so I know the power of pet therpy really works.
    I have hypoglacema ( sp wrong I know ) it is not as bad as somethings I have heard about but it has its own set of problems I am learning about.
    I hope to have it under better control sometime soon but until then I deal with it.

    Hope you all feel better and have much less days in pain.

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    I thought I'd mention another book that I have on my wish list:
    "Healing Back Pain--The Mind-Body Connection" by John E. Sarno.

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