Anyone know any websites on these chicken disorders?


10 Years
Jul 23, 2009
North Carolina
I wasn't sure which section to post this in but I am doing a research paper on disorders and diseases in chickens. I'm having a hard time finding credible websites to find information on the topics I'm doing my paper on. Just wondering if you all have any good resources you could share. The diseases/disorders I'm doing my paper on are Blindness, crossbeak, bumble foot, and lice. Any information on that would be helpful (especially blindness). Thanks in advance!
I must apologize in advance, but when I saw the title of your post, my screwy brain immediately jumped to Prozac. Dunno why, just did.
Chicken disorders? Egg envy. Messy nest housekeeping. Blabber-cluckers that never shut up and get on the other hens nerves. Egg eaters.
I just had to have a little fun with this one! Good luck on your research paper!

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