Anyone know dosing instructions for Duramyacin powder for a single hen

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    One of our light brahmas (probably about 8 lbs) really did a number on her middle toe. From the after math, it looks like a predator got at her through the chicken wire and she had a compound fracture of at the first (toe nail) joint. We are treating the open wound, but I need to get some antibiotics into her. We picked up Duramyacin powder from the farm store, as that was the only antibiotic they had left, but the dosing instructions are for a gallon of water! I just need to dose the single hen. Can anyone help?
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    Duramyacin , seems to be known as ' Tetracycline Hydrochloride' (Spelling?)
    Here is dose info on that ...

    You dose the water, make up a gallon, and make it fresh daily, be sure this is the only water she can get into for the treatment time, or she won't get the right dose, be aware there is an egg withholding time with antibiotics ...
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