Anyone know how to identify a healthy bottom?


Aug 20, 2019
Hello, I have a Rhode Island aged two. She has never laid an egg (at least not in our coop). They free range all day and we have a large yard. She is a bit aggressive so we just assumed she is doing it in the yard. Yesterday I noticed that she was in a bush and her comb was pale and flopped to one side. I began to research and assumed mites, lice or worms. Been treating for that but noticed that she won't sit and has been standing. I looked at her bottom and it appears swollen. I put her in the bath and she laid down and fell asleep. She will not eat and I am giving her water ad yogurt through a syringe. Here is a picture of her bottom. When I cleaned her she was in a lot of pain. She does not have an odor so I do not think vent gleet. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Could you repost the photo and select "full size" image? That way we can zoom in.

She could have a reproductive track infection, and it can cause swelling of the are just below the vent.

What made you believe she was in a lot of pain when you were washing her?
I edited and selected full size. When I gave her a bath I wanted to get a better look but when I would go to move the feathers she would go from being relaxed to panic mode. The vent looked clean and small but under it, it appears enlarged.
It could also simply be fat. Fat isn't a good thing, but not as worrisome as a reproductive infection.

The best indicator of chicken health is behavior. As long as appetite is good, she's active, poop is firm and regular, you really don't need to be concerned.
She could be egg bound or laying internally, but coffee wore off and can't remember other than warm epsom salt bath that might help there is a section that you can read on it or wait for one of the awake eggsperts to chime in, it's extremely unusual for a 2 year old to have not laid an egg ever
Yes we are doing a lot of baths and she lays down and loves them. I added epsom, acd and baking soda. If I could get her to eat I would feel more optimistic.
Try boiled egg. Yogurt is also good. If she won't eat, it may mean she is battling an infection and could use an oral antibiotic. If she refuses to eat, you may need to think about tube feeding.
If you have never seen her laying, I would suspect that she has been laying internally. I have had a couple of hens who never laid, and one would even go into the nest box every day. That is called false laying, and along with internal layers, salpingitis, egg yolk peritonitis, oviduct cancer, and ascites, those make up many of the common reproductive disorders. Most times we do not know the exact problem until we can open them up after death, or send them off to the state vet for a necropsy. I usually try to get them to eat cooked egg, wet chicken feed, and make them comfortable.

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