Anyone with a due date of 18-22nd of March for some little hatchlings?


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Aug 23, 2009
I set 31 eggs last night:
8 gold dutch Seramas, (bought)
6 assorted Silkies (bought)
2 black bearded silkies (from landlady)
6 Lavender pekins (bought)
6 assorted pekins (bought)
3 assorted pekins (my own)

I didn't think i would fit so many in my bator!!

Who else is hatching out that week?

I am based in the UK and although we have had one of the harshest winters for many years my girls are dropping them out like machines... NOT..!!!!

MIne are due oaround the 18th March...

Anyhow, I set last night so maybe we can share the results...

12 X Pekin Chicken Eggs - White
12 X Pekin Chicken Eggs - Mixed Colours, some mottled, black, red etc..
12 X RIR

I have only ever hatched Pekin Chickens in the past but thought I would be adventerous and try something different... I live life on the edge me...lololol

Maybe speak soon

I'm up for that, im down south of England so we didn't get the worst of the snow but I know what you mean about harsh winters!!
Can't wait for the hatch, its the first time withmy new incubator

Good luck!!
Mine are due the 18th if all goes well.
This is what I have in.

18 Cochin and Blue Orps from my mom
12 BCM from Pasofino Farm
6 Salmon Favorlles from Pasofino Farm
16 Lavender and Split Lavender Ameraucana from Chicken Stalker
6 Lavender Silkies from Sonew123
5 Olive eggers from Sonew123
7EE's from Sonew123

For a total of 70 eggs.
I have never hatched out that many before at one time atleast.
Bators are holding temps nicely. So far so good.

I set mine this morning (2/26) at about 6:30am central time, so they should hatch around March 19th. I'm curoius though...some were laid last weekend (those are the ones I had shipped) and 6 were laid Thursday morning. Should I expect the ones from last weekend to hatch a lot earlier than the fresh ones? I thought the clock started on the day you put them in the incubator and the day they were laid is irrelevant??

I've never hatched before and am using a Brinsea Eco 20.

I have (also from pasofinofarm!)
11 Standard Salmon Favorelles
3 Black Copper Marans
2 Golden Cuckoo Marans

6 mixes - all out of a Le Fleche rooster. The hens were:
- Le Fleche
- Cochin
- Phoenix
- EE's (3 of them)

Should be an interesting mix!
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You know I have forgotten when I set them but I have my lavender orph roo over a black orp(with the lavender gene) hen and a blue orp hen.
We will see how they turn out. I am so excited. I will keep everyone updated on pictures and such. Yeah!

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