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11 Years
Nov 10, 2009
Grant Park, Atlanta, GA
Ok so I use my iPad all the time and the new systems seems to not work correctly with it.

I just tried to post this exact post (twice) from my iPad and it went to a systems failure message....

also when i reply to a post or start a new post there are no icons above the typing window when using my iPad...I cannot put in pics or video ect...

is anyone else having these problems? Do the 'powers to be' know that it is not working on apple hardware/systems?
Glad to see other ipad users! I also cannot upload pics or videos...haven't been able to change my avatar. Now I haven't gotten the tapatalk app yet its 4.99 its supposed to bridge the gaps with our devices. Mind if I add y'all to my lists so that we can compare notes? I havent had any issues with it going blank or getting any errors. I have a pretty fast connection. Anyone get that app yet?
i was also told about the App but yes it's 4.99 and I don't know enough about what it does to buy it?????

do you guys have all those little icons for word formatting and putting in pics and vid when you are replying to posts ect????? I do not and I just have that error message

...The rich text editor is not compatible with your browser. You may see some HTML source displayed. Any BBCode you enter will be converted to HTML when you save.....

and I cannot post or reply to posts on my iPad...***!!!!

I am using my other laptop now...
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I am having some of those same issues, but I do not use an iPad. I'm on my phone (not iPhone either). I am no techie, by a long stretch, but could it have something to do with the whole touch format?

It's slow going, but things are much better for me now than they were this morning when getting anything to work was impossible.
If anyone out there using Apple hardware wants to give this site a go using Opera Mini, could you return and report?

There's a version for smartphones (for example, your iPhone) and a version for the iPad. I have both of those devices, but haven't gotten around to trying Opera Mini with the forum yet myself (I usually "do my BYC" from my laptop). :)

By the way, this app is free.
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