aquarium thermometer


11 Years
May 2, 2009
Forest Lake, Minnesota
I am wondering whether an aquarium thermometer would be better in a hatcher that has high humidity than the walmart thermomter/hygrometer I am using as far as having an accurate temp would go. I am thinking because it would be more water proof it could be more accurate. Any one using one?
I use the cheap glass aquarium thermometers from Wal-Mart. I stick a couple in and go with the average temp from both. I feel like the digital ones stop being very accurate after a few hatches because of all the humidity and they aren't meant to be in that moist environment. I also have a thermometer with a probe that I use to stick in a vent sometimes to double check, but that one is never left in the incubator.
Cheap aquarium thermometers are notoriously inaccurate. The technique we used to use was to check the whole rack, see which ones read the same and take one of those. Even then there is no guarantee. I'd suggest paying a little more and getting a good one.

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