Araucana breed defects?

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    I have an 8 month old Araucana rooster that just overnight started walking like a penguin about a month ago. He is eating and drinking fine and he seems alert. Could this penguin walk be due to his purebred status? Inbreeding? A result of trying to breed him for the rumpless trait?

    Also, he has solid poops all day long except for about once a day he will have watery diarrhea. Any breed explanations for that? I've tried Corid, Ivermectin, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, kefir yogurt, none of these seemed to work.

    Because of his rumpless status the diarrhea gets all over his concave little butt. I tried trimming his feathers around the vent as I read that some others had done and it has made it less messy down there. However, instead of his butt feathers being soft & downy down there, now they are all blunt & prickly. They are making his skin red and irritated. I feel like I've just given him the equivalent of a bad bikini shave. Should I try to pluck the prickly stubs or just wait till he molts & grows new ones?

    The poor little guy's got problems, but I love him and I want to keep him around as a pet. Any advice would be welcome.

    Here's a pic of how he's standing like a penguin now:

    Here's a video of how he walks. Mostly he just falls down lately.
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    Rmplessness has nothing to do with that chicken's problems. I have raised hundreds of rumpless chickens and sometimes the back can be too short and defecation can't happen normally so they don't live but a short time. I do not know what is actually going on as I have never seen anything like that. Certainly in very bad shape.

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