are black sexlinks docile?

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11 Years
Jun 18, 2009
I have a golden Sexlink and some RRs as well as an Australorp. I want to add four more hens. Right now I am thinking golden Sexlinks and black Sexlinks. But since goldens are very docile I need to know what you think about the black sexlink's personality. I don't want them to be dominant like my rhodies.

1. are Black Sexlinks docile?
2. do they tend to be broody?

Other options are barred rock, buff orpingtons, marans

Whatcha think?

I have the Black sex links and yes they are very docile. They are also the smallest of my chicks (production reds, australorps and Barred Rocks) They are quiet and not as rowdy as the others. I can tell they will probably be smaller hens because they are feathering slower than my others.
I agree with all the comments.... Mine aren't ones to sit there and pick on others nor or they very loud. As for broodiess, like it was mentioned that is usually bred out of them but I have one right now that was hatched from my eggs (Barred Rock hen X RIR mixed with a bantam roo) she ended up being a banty and she went broody a couple of weeks ago and is now sitting on 8 eggs. So it's not unheard of!!
Mine must have had caffeine injected into their shells when first laid.
.This is my second time around in 20 years with BSL They're as flighty as my leghorns.. My silkies and cochins.. oh and my Cuckoo Marans are positively dopey docile. I mean, so bad, i named one of the hens val.. short for valium

I just wanted hens that weren't such seasonal layers and not apt to go broody when I got back into BSL..
I say they are docile. Mine are not hatchery stock and the biggest hens I own 7lb if not more. We didn't raise them but bought them pol and real easy to handle.
On a off note they do pick at the others and pluck feathers from the roo's. Quiet and not flighty seem to be the smarter ones in my flock anyway.
I'm on my second batch of Black Stars--first was 5 yrs ago--and find they are real easy to handle--unlike barred rocks. My birds aren't pets but then they aren't wild birds either. My biggest problem with the BS is keeping from tripping over them when I work in the coop. BTW they lay like crazy with good sized eggs.
This is my first season with chickens. I got my girls back in September as day olds from Welp Hatchery, 6 Barred Rock and 6 Black Sexlink. My #1 hen is a BR and she is the friendliest. #2 is a BSL that is larger than #1. Both breeds are very friendly and seem to be good layers so far, they started about 3 weeks ago. I would definitely recommend both of these breeds. My 3 yr old son loves going down to the coop to collect eggs each morning.
I have no Idea about bsl, But I do have 2 barred rocks and a buff orp. All three are very docile and good layers of good sized eggs. My buff orp lays the biggest eggs I get, and I think she likes being pet by my kids. Our other chickens are used to it and dont mind, but she will seek attention out from the kids. Dont know if that helps you any?

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