are brabanters a "real" chicken breed?

Thanks that is goox to know. There are so many terms here i am trying to learnyhem all and keep them straight. I was just suspiciius as a breeder offered me a few for $5 each as week ilds and tolx me they were rare.
Really? Apparently i am overly gullible. I wa s at a swap and one of the breeders there told me that a sq pair of anything would cost at least $100. A juvenile pair.
A show quality pair of juveniles, where you know for 100% sure that one is a pullet and one is a cockerel and they are grown enough to be able to tell that they are show quality (meaning at least 6 months old for most breeds, and several months older for some of the slower maturing breeds) could well go for $100. But week old chicks there is no guarantee of gender, or whether or not they are even really show quality. At one week of age, the only thing the breeder can tell you for sure about a chick is that they are out of birds that have the potential to produce show quality chicks. $5 seems a little on the lower side, I would expect to pay closer to $8-10 per chick in many breeds, but not so low that I would think the breeder was scamming me.
Beware of someone saying show quality Brabanters.....they are not yet accepted in the APA or could they be shown in sanctioned shows.

Unless someone is trying to show them local shows or state fairs, sometimes they are either the better quality from the hatchery stock (with alot of culling going on) or they are pulling your leg.

Five dollars a chick is a reasonable price for a rare breed. I would charge my Spitzhauben chicks the same way at a month old. By the time the pullet reaches egg laying age, I would put my price anywhere from 15 to 20 for a GOOD one. If it has a Polish crest or too thick of a mohawk, I would charge a bit lower.

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