Are eggs safe to eat if chickens scratch and eat through fresh cow manure?


10 Years
Feb 15, 2013
Ok, this is a dumb question, but some comment on a recent show has me confused, and I'm a novice chicken keeper. I have always assumed that free range chickens had the most nutritious eggs because of the variety of fresh foods (greens, bugs, etc.) that the chickens could eat. However, I've been watching some dumb reality show with people who are stuck living together on a small farm in California, and one woman said something I think is incorrect. She yelled at another woman who had let the chickens out to free range because they were scratching through the fresh cow poo. (Both cows are pregnant and healthy and have recently been checked by veterinarians.) The yelling woman said they wouldn't be able to eat the eggs for ten days because of this. I don't think she's ever had chickens, so I have no idea where she got this information. Since chickens have been free ranging on farms for centuries, I can't imagine that there'd be anything wrong with the eggs! My friends who free range their chickens allow them to scratch in their horse manure compost piles (and anywhere else for that matter.)

BTW, a lot of these people are some of the weirdest, most obnoxious people I've ever seen on TV, but I suppose they got picked to be on this show for that reason. Common sense seems to be a commodity they're lacking, so I really hope they can take proper care of their animals.

So, are the eggs safe to eat?
Your thoughts please.
Yes, they are perfectly safe to eat -- unless you medicate to "kill" whatever they might have picked up, then you must avoid eating the eggs because of the medication.

Reality shows (and most TV in general) is for entertainment, not to disseminate useful information. Got to be careful about info from the internet also, consider the source before assigning value. A few minutes of youtube will prove my point.
No kidding! I really thought her info was wrong, but I had no idea where she got it. I knew someone on here would know. I don't know all of the details of the show, and the people are drinking milk from one lactating cow, so she must be healthy for sure. I just wanted to check with you experts. I love this place! I got all of my "mixed bantam bin" chicks identified correctly on here too with just some blurry pics.

I've learned so much here. It's perfect for a former city girl!

You're awesome. Thanks!
I'm going to pick up some composted cow poop and want to put it in my garden/compost pile and on my grass. If my chickens are pecking through it, there eggs should be fine. Sorry I'm a little slow but I just want to make sure.

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