Are my 8 week old chicks ready for my weather? Screenshot of this week's forecast attached


Nov 28, 2020
Conroe, TX
First post, forgive me if im doing it wrong☺

I'll let the picture show the weather but this week is as cold as it ever gets where I live.

My birds are a barnyard mix that I've raised from 1 day to week 8. There are 8 and they are housed with eleven 9 week old Guinea Fowl. They've been together in the same converted tractor to brooder since day 1. So 19 birds total.

The coop is a converted metal arrow shed, 10x12, textbook appropriate ventilation, roosting space, etc. No insulation or framing other than a new door frame. No electric or any other automation. (It's 80% shaded 24/7 under a big weepy tree) They will all be living in tbe coop 24/7 until March/April to train the Guineas. I'll be working with them in the coop multiple times a day.

I think I know the answer but this is my first time with chicks because I have a great sense of timing and connection with natural cycles 😝😝😝 but I would love y'alls thoughts. Thank you!


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That's not cold. I live in Illinois and we're happy to see it above 32* here right now because it means the water probably isn't frozen again. They'll be fine! My newest babies are about 2.5 months old right now and out there in the 20s just fine. Keep them dry and they'll be good.
HaHa those were my thoughts too but first timer and all. I went to Western IL for grad school in Macomb. Bitter cold in the middle of IL.
Are they off added heat?

They will likely still huddle in their chick pile at night so should be fine either way.

My youngins have been in their coop without added heat here and we have dropped to zero at night with some daytime highs only in a he teens. Everyone is thriving.
My young ones are just now 14 and 15 weeks.

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