Are my chickens going to lay soon?


5 Years
May 30, 2018
SW Florida
I know there is no definitive answer to this question, but I am anxious and just want everyone’s opinion! Here are my 5 chickens, do y’all think they’ll start laying soon!?
How old they are would be good information, but the reality is that no one can tell you for sure when a pullet will start laying. There are different signs that they might be ready, about the only one we can see from photos are the color of the combs and wattles. Dark red means they are probably pretty close. Pink or orange usually means it will be a while. But other things can affect the comb and wattle colors too so color is only an indication but not an absolute certainty. The width between pelvic bones is another good clue. If the vent is tight and dry it will be a bit, but larger and moist means probably pretty soon. Some pullets start squatting when they are getting close but I once had a 13 week old pullet willingly squat for a 13 week old cockerel and it was 2 months before she started laying. Sometimes about a week before they start some pullets look for a safe place to make a nest so you might see them scratching around in the nests, checking them out. But some pullets do not do that.

All these are just clues that they might be getting ready. The only sure way to know is when you see an egg.

I've had pullets start laying at 16 weeks. I've had pullets start at 9 months. Some pullets start laying any time of the year, others want the days to be milder or longer. Where you are you don't have to worry about temperatures but your days are still getting shorter. But those 9 monthers started laying the first week of December when the days were about as short as they were going to get and still getting shorter. Not all wait for the longer warmer days of spring.

Bottom line is there is no telling when any of them will start, but where you are especially I think you will see an egg before spring.
I’m not certain on age but ABOUT 20-23 weeks old. I haven’t noticed any squatting or any other behaviors :(. I have golf balls in the nesting boxes just in case.

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