Are my hens going to trust me after heavily misting them with water? Do i continue?

Jan 1, 2021
It is 95 degrees outside and my chickens are struggling. They come out of the coop and hide underneath it all day. It may be a little cooler underneath there but there is shade in other places. They wouldn't even eat the cold fruit I threw out to them and they normally do. I gave them ice water and they love that but one of the chickens won't even try it. I decided to put my hose on shower and heavily mist them with water. They definitely didn't like it but then they came out and were walking around and eating. Should I continue to do this on days this hot or hotter since it worked? Are they not going to trust me anymore? I really don't want that to happen. When they hear me they come running to see me which I love love love. And I don't always have food. They hang around and follow me around and seem to enjoy me at least some. What are your thoughts? Thank you for your time.
IMO, if the hens have found a cool place to rest in the shade -- especially if they're dug into the ground in contact with the cooler layers under the surface -- it's best not to disturb them and make them run around in the middle of the hottest part of the day.

Give them shade, access to plenty of fresh water, good ventilation, and the ability to dig into the ground then leave them be to take their siestas during the hottest part of the day.
I have sprayed my chickens in a heat wave before. They absolutely hated it but they never bothered about WHO was spraying them, they cared more about what I was spraying them WITH. I think they will still trust you, just not with the hose.
Just wet the ground, no need to make mud, just dampen it. Personally I am a believer in letting them choose, not forcing. If they don't like ice water, that is fine. I never give ice water - sometimes it can shock the system. They need water, but warm is fine.

If they are not eating the fruit, they might later on. When it is hot, they need shade and water, and to be quiet, not all riled up. Check your shade all day long, sometimes at 4:00 it is the hottest, and in my coop, the natural plant setting do not provide shade at that time. I add pallets.

Mrs K

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