Are my Plymouth Rocks or the Araucana roos?....


May 5, 2015
I am a first time back yard chicken owner (VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT!) and we unfortunately cannot have roos where we live and I worry I may have a few....
This is my
"Turkey" named by my kids.

And these are my Plymouth Rocks "Chicken" and "Goldfish"

Please help me figure out if they are because if so I will need to find them a home and get a couple of new chicks to replace them with sadly..
Anything with a bright pink comb before 10 weeks is a boy. Your Araucana is an easter egger. Did you buy straight run or pullets? If you bought these as pullets, you should ask for a refund.
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Oh! and Welcome to BYC!
Your barred rocks look like roosters. Here are my two hens they are 8 weeks. No real visible combs.
. Welcome to BYC. I've found help with every and any issue. :)
I GREATLY appreciate all the help. I will look into finding the roos a home and get a couple replacement chicks. Thanks Again!!!

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