Are oats good good or a snack?

Whole oats are the healthiest, but any oats are a great treat! Mine devour oats in any form, from oatmeal to a handful of dry oats. I used whole oats that I can get at the feed store for 15$ for a 50lb bag, it lasts since it is treats.
My girls love oatmeal, they'll eat it cooked (especially on a cool morning,) or uncooked as scratch. Oatmeal is good for everyone, heart smart even if you're a chicken.
I mix my own scratch from whole grains and oats are the last thing they eat, but they do eat them. However, in winter I sprout them and then the chickens LOVE oats.
I think you are referring to "oat groats"--hulled oats with all their parts(germ, bran, endosperm...) still whole and intact. Rolled oats are oat groats that have been rolled into flakes.

Oats are good and chickens love them, but I would give them the chance to get their regular feed down first. The feed is formulated to be a balanced diet. Our pullets have feed available all the time and we wait until 4 p.m. before giving them snacks, including oats.
"Groats" are what they are indeed. I just did some reading and learned something new

I feed them when I get home from work in the late afternoon. From morning until then, they free range and eat their crumbles.

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