Are Sapphire Gems a "Breed" or a hybrid?


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I did a quick google search and have seen it stated both ways - that Sapphire Gems are a breed of chicken that was intentionally created and developed by a breeder; and it was stated in another place that they were a cross-breed of a Plymouth Rock and a Barred Rock - would that be a hybrid then?
They’re a cross breed between two birds. As far as I know, all of these “designer” breeds are f1. They’re not recognized by any poultry association as a breed.

They’re essentially the chicken equivalent of labradoodles and pomskies, etc.
They are a hybrid. They were developed by a company oversees. At first it was said by crossing a (splash) andalusian type bird and a barred rock. I believe that info has now changed on their website to say both parents are Plymouth rocks.
They were created as blue sex links. Females being blue and males being blue barred.
Hoover's were the first to sell them in the states and it was said they imported parental stock eggs to get their flocks. I don't think that may be exactly true since some did receive males that weren't barred. Others had barred males.
This season they were showing up with red leakage so who knows what's going on with them now.
One thing for sure is that they are not a breed and never will be because they're supposed to be sex links and won't breed true.
I kinda figured that they were a sex link, mix type of bird. So far they are doing well, they are growing fast. My only "problem" so far is that the Easter Egger chicks are so close in color to the Sapphire Gems, I am not sure I know which is which, lol.
And one of the 2 Easter Eggers that I bought insists on scratching the crumble out of the feeder, then eating it from the wood chip bedding.

They will be very pretty birds. Hopefully they lay well.

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