Are there lung infections you can catch from a chicken?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by HeatherLynn, Jul 10, 2010.

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    Ok so long story short almost 4 months ago I had pleurisy. They had no clue and never really tried to find out what was causing it. I was given a 3 day antibiotic and some pain pills. No follow up was really needed I was told. I have been sick with fever several times since then. Usually just a day or so where my chest feels tight like I am getting congested and a fever. I just had a CT scan that shows non crystallized, calcified nodules which I am told can be caused by the pleurisy or really whatever caused the pleurisy. I am just trying to figure out if there is something I could have caught from the chickens. This was close to the time I bought my 4 adult hens and got my 2 adult roos.

    Not sure what to think and not sure what paths to pursue in this. I am going to push the docs like they have never been pushed before though. I do not plan on sitting around while they play god with my lungs which has been the attitude so far. So is there something I should be having them look at? I will be going to a specialist this next week and I want to make sure I give him plenty of paths to follow up on.
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    I have always worn one of those face masks (used for protection while sanding drywall), while cleaning the coop. Inhaling any large amount of dust is harmful to the lungs.
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    My friend is a nurse and told me about a lung disease you can get from inhaling "too much chicken poop fumes", so I'm assuming it's from ammonia build-up but I'm not positive. When she wakes up I'll edit this post and give you more info.
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    Maybe Histoplasmosis?
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    Most commonly it is allergies to the dust or dander from the feathers. Google pigeon fanciers lung. This can be a very serious situation. I raise pigeons and always use one of the cannister type filtration masks. The cheap masks are not real effective. Foy's pigeon Supply sells excellent masks. If it is dander induced allergies, it can be a progressive situation. With each exposure the condition can become worse to the point of life threatening. Not saying this is what you are experiencing, but I think you should check it out. Good luck.
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    When I've cleaned out my chicken coop I always get so wipped out and then I have a hard time breathing. So from now on Ive had to wear a mask. I think its from inhaling the fumes. [​IMG] so yeah
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    Pleurisy is an irritation between the two linings of the lung. If you had an infection from your hens it would I beleive be inside the lung proper. The above infection or irritation is caused by coughing etc. Sometimes they don't know what causes it.
    The hens can cause allergies, the allergies can cause a cough ,and then the pleurisy.
    Use a mask if cleanning. What kind of bedding do you use in the coop. When I tried hay , I sneezed myself stupid. Also once I had some mold and it did the same thing. Gloria jean
  10. Around here it's Hanta-Virus--ICK! [​IMG]

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