Are these conditions curable? Perdonitis/ovarian cysts/tumors?

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    Hey guys, I have been doing a lot of homework lately because one of my chickens isn't laying and has a droopy butt. Its not huge, but its still of concern. I've been researching the threads and online about pertdonitis, egg binding, ovarian cysts/tumors. There are a lot of interesting necropsy pictures and posts, but my main question is this. If a hen has one of these conditions are they curable? Or can you only maybe make them a little more comfortable through giving them antibiotics, or drains, etc? I have heard conflicting information that some birds to get better from the peritonitis, and others say its an inevitable death sentence….and I can not find any information anywhere that states if ovarian cysts or tumors = time to cull the bird or not. My girl is already on antibiotics, but I wanted to know what her chances for a good standard of life are at right now :( Any help is much appreciated! Gore-y educational related pics are plenty welcome! XD
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