are these roosters


8 Years
May 12, 2011
Fisrt off srry ill get more and better pick in a bit. I'm not sure of the ages or breeds .. I don'tknow if they are just bantams ... but .. I believe they are young roos ... mom and my aunt went to the swap with out me .. and I'm pretty sure bought eight roos thinking they were pullets .... four are barred rocks .. the others I believe are mixed ... they don't believe me .. and I'm not 100% sure. Ill add more pics in a while ..
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Srry I only have this pick on my phone at the moment but the one in the front is the only on I'm iffy on bein pullet ..
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And the four slightly older babies .. they are smaller than the adult hens and my two pullets I hatched out but much redder than my pullets .. so unless they are bantams ... and laying age all ready ... I think they are roos
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Sorry about leaving you hanging there; I haven't been on in a while! Could you give their approximate ages?

Okay, here are my guesses; : )
Photo 1. ? If it's the same chicken as in the third photo, then I'm leaning towards roo.
2. Roo
3. Left: I'm not sure. Looks somewhat like a roo; age might help. The one on the right I'd say roo.
4. From left to right: ?, roo, roo
5. It looks like you've got four to five roos in that bunch, judging by their red combs
6. Same as number five

I hope that helps some! : )

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