Are these sweet things ready to go outside? *Pics*


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Apr 14, 2009
Our little flock turned six weeks old today. In a few days, we're planning to move them outside to a corner of one of our sheds until the coop is built. Will they need their heatlamp? Nights have been averaging 40s to 50s here lately. The shed would stay a little warmer. It's our wellhouse. How feathered is fully feathered? Here are a few of our chicks:

Mr. Incredible (Buff Orpington)

Roxy – I think
(Barred Plymouth Rock)

AOYU (as of yet unnamed) (Buff Orpington)

Sam (Gold Link pullet)

AOYU 2 (Buff Orpington)

Are they feathered enough to manage without a heatlamp?

Thanks for the help!
We took the heat lamp away from ours except for cold damp nights. I dont know if we are doing it RIGHT, but they seem fine. We have a lot more, they can use each other's body heat... but they are 4 wk and feathered about like yours and seem great out in the coop with only occasional heat from a lamp.
Oh – we have twenty chicks, if that makes any difference.
Yes they are ready. At this stage they will be able to huddle if needed. This time of the year they probably won't even do that. BTW wow.. nice looking birds.
If your chicks are six weeks old, then they are in their seventh week.
According to my calculations, they should be able to be in temps around 60-65 degrees. If their 'bedroom' is that warm at night, they should be fine. Watch for drafts.
I think they look feathered out enough, but I'm no expert. I look forward to some more input in case I'm wrong.
I'm moving my tractor from the garage to the backyard tonight. The lows are expected to be in the lower 60's I'll put a tarp over it at night.
My girls are in their 6th week.
Yes! they are nicely feathered and will do just fine since its warm enough out anyway... I think people get too attatched to them being babies and forget that they're chickens.... young chickens have been living outside with only their feathers and each other to keep them warm forever. no heat lamps or any nice cozy brooder.They'll be fine!
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If they got too cold, would they smother each other?

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