Are they old enough to go outside ?


Oct 24, 2020
Staten Island NY
They are 5 weeks as of Monday December 14th i took them off heat 2 days ago they stay in there huddle box at night, Cochin bantams developing slower then the Easter egger bantams, they are in an unheated basement with lows around freezing or a little above every night with the window open down there. I installed a cozy coop heater in there outside coop (not permenantly) just really want them out of the house. Highs are about 40s during the day sometimes low 50s and dropping. Any advice is helpful


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no i took it out two days ago it was a heating pad under the cuddle box and they were sleeping outside of it like it was too warm for them, the avg temp in the basement doesn’t drop below high 40s low 50s
i also had it on the lowest setting, they loved the MHP but after 3.5-4 weeks they refused to sleep under it even on a low setting, they seemed like they only kept half their bodies under and mostly slept outside of it
Well even if they aren’t sleeping under it, it still gives off heat right? I think they at least need it added back or get a heat lamp. As they get older they need it less warm, but 40-50 degrees I think is way too cold.

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