Are we BOTH barred rocks?

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Jun 5, 2009
VA,TN,NC Tri-State area
So, I am a little new to the whole chicken thing...just checking to see if these are both Barred Rock banties? One has white legs the other has black. Does that mean anything?

Thank you...The New Egg


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Jan 4, 2009
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The first one is feather legged, and both look to be cuckoo rather than barred. I can't tell whether the 2nd has feathered legs or not. Which one has black legs? And probably a silly question as I don't think either are one of the 5 breeds with 5 toes, but how many toes do they have?

They look to be nice birds, but we need to see legs and feet to get better ID. Could be marans?


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Apr 13, 2008
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Don't feel Bad please. They look like healthy poultry and that's important!

They are cute and nice. You can problem sell them or give them as gifts. I would take them if we were nearby!

I'll be glad to ship you some barred rock hatching eggs if you need some. Please just pm me and thanks!

Here's a pic of them

Thanks and have a blessed day.

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