Are Your Chickens Livestock or Pets?

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  1. Anyone who thinks that backyard eggs are "cheap" and/or that keeping poultry is "no work" is welcome to take a look at my feed bill and join me on my daily chores routine, then come back on the weekend for the extra work like building Mama pens, adding new roosts, fixing nesting boxes, building new coops, picking up feed, getting straw, and cleaning coops. Oh, yes, very easy! :lau
  2. Lots of ours have names too. Usually not until we know what sex they are, because things with names are harder to butcher. And even the males that we keep don't necessarily get named right away until they prove themselves. Case in point: my Ameraucana cockerel (unnamed) won't be sticking around unless he shows marked behavior improvement. Twice yesterday he went after me while I was setting down feed bowls. Completely unprovoked and out of the blue. I "chastised" him and we'll see how he behaves from now on. If he isn't a complete angel like all my (many) other boys, he'll go to freezer camp.
  3. Awww! :love I have a sweet little Pullet that I think would very much like to be a house chicken. (My husband and Yorkies say no, unfortunately.) She comes running to me for cuddles instead of hoping for food like the other greedy chickens do (okay, I love my greedy ones too and think they are hilarious) and she loves to have me hold her so she can take a nap or sit on my shoulder and tell me about her day. I've named her Sugar because she is so sweet and she's mostly white.
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  4. That's exactly what we did with our first six ducks. Now we have around 150 poultry!
  5. Squeak61

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    May 22, 2017
    We keep them as pets, and they are loved family members :D We do enjoy the fresh breakfast too!
  6. That's exactly why I do it, too.
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  7. AlleysChicks

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    My layers are livestock, and my bantams are pets.
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    Feb 3, 2013
    I only have four chickens, got them this spring. I view them as neither?

    I've always had pets, am a city girl and have also worked in the veterinary field, small animals only, for about 40 years. So the concept of "farm" or livestock animals is a bit foreign to me.

    I think my chickens have decided for me that they are not really pets. They are quite different than cats and dogs in that they don't really need me. They have a their own little flock and pecking order that I'm not really part of. We have named them although they don't respond to their names. Yes they run after me and up to me, but only to look for food. They are entertaining to watch but.....they hate being picked up/snuggled....

    As with all living things I believe they should be treated with respect in life and in death and if were going to contain them then we should do so with knowledge, compassion, respect and with their best interest at heart.
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    Livestock. Only the turkey and my Easter Egger are pets.
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    I don't consider them livestock or pets. As a cattle rancher, cattle are livestock, and I make money from keeping them. I do not make money with my hobby flock.

    I keep a flock, maybe it is kind of like teaching for years, kids come and go. I love having them in my room, become very attached to them, but do realize that they will go on.

    I keep a flock, I enjoy the birds in my flock, and several have names, but we tend to reuse names, like all yellow BO are called Butter. Some get names and some don't. Mine are kept with good husbandry, and culling is part of that process.

    I keep a flock and have for years, the birds in the flock, come and go.

    Mrs K

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