Arguments in my house are short lived...

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Apr 29, 2012
Richards, MO
Too funny to keep to myself. I have been working crazy hours for a couple of weeks. My husband started feeling sorry for me and fixed a big dinner. He is horrible at deviled eggs but he tried. He boiled 18 eggs. 9 made it through to the end. So we do a little cleaning out of the fridge and start scrap bowls. He makes the dogs. I make the chickens. He took the eggs he destroyed when attempting to peel. "It is just weird to give the chickens hard boiled eggs", he claims. So, I grab the last of the fruit salad bowl. "I was going to eat some of that!" he cried. "I am just saving you from an upset belly." I retort. So he takes the mashed potatoes and bones from the steaks. I take the pasta salad and veggie tray. By the time we clean out the left overs, the animals have multiple bowls. He looks at me dead serious, " I know it is negligence when you don't feed them, but can we get in trouble for feeding them too much?" My response, " I don't think it is too much, they are not obese. But they sure as heck eat more and better than we do." "Well, maybe they should get in trouble then." The things that happen at my house are usually good for a chuckle.

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