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Apr 30, 2010
I just wanted to add that if no one can take her to try to "fix her" and nurse her back to health, my friend has offered to come over in the morning to put her down. i just can't watch her suffer when i know if i do nothing it will end badly and painfully for her. my kids are home so it can't be done tonight, so i need to wait until i get them off to school tomorrow. but if anyone can take her on, it would be so appreciated. but i do know it's a heavy thing to ask.

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Sep 11, 2010
pastrymama, I'll be pretty close to that area tomorrow, if you want I can pick her up and see if I can help her. I just finished reading a bit about the problem.

NoSkiveez, cute pics.

Tonopah Pati, wish I had room. They are nice looking roos.


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Apr 7, 2009
Hi folks
Just stopping in because I have run into a problem with my move and I am looking for a little help. I can't take my cockatiel with me. I would really like if one of you guys could take him (for free) and give him a great home. He will come with his large cage, birdy basketball hoop and playground, food and water dishes, perches, the whole nine yards. His name is Chip Chip and I have included a few pictures. He likes spaghetti, is very vocal, will sit on your shoulder for hours while you go about your household business, whistles, sings the worms crawl in the worms crawl out and says pretty bird. He will sing on cue to anything white (have no idea why) I also have pictures of him taking a shower with my husband but for some reason I don't think you guys want to see those LOL.

If you are interested please contact me within the next few days. You can private message me here or through facebook.

ETA: Thank you all for your responses and support. Chip has received a home.



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Tonopah Pati

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Mar 24, 2009
Tonopah, Arizona
Hi Mahonri, It has been awhile that I even was well enough to want to turn my computer on. I have been battling Cancer (liver & a tumor on my spine) I have been having Cemo sense June. Making progress and cemo has shrunk the liver tumor, the spine area will get radiation starting Nov.4th for 5 zaps in 5 days. Hopefully that will kill that tumor. My Doc. feels that this should work, and he feels positive.

I have resumed taking care of my chickens and all of my household chores. I was so worried that I would have to give up my flock! I sure didn't want to that! I had 10 babies hatch under one of my Bantam Frizzle hens (Poppy) and then 3 more I saved from there Mom, also a Bantam Frizzle (Pansy) killing them. She killed 8 before I knew she was doing that. I was lucky to find those three and save them. Now all is well and the 10 have started laying eggs and the 3 are about half that size. The 3 are hens, and 4 of the 10 are Roosters. 3 of the roosters I am looking to rehome. I also have a Bantam black Frizzle Roo (Batman) He is almost 1 year old. I just have to many Roosters now and would love to find them new homes.

Nuclear Chicken, do you live on the south side of I-10? I am on the North side, 419 ave and W. Solano Dr. I sure love living in is, so peaceful, and I really have some wonderful mountain views. Saddle, to the south, burnt, & Big Horn to the west, Sugarloaf, Flat Iron, Belmont and Vulture to the north, and I have a view of the White tanks to the east. I never get tired of looking at the mountain.

What kind of chickens do you have?

ArizonaNessa, your bird is stunning. I wish I could take him. I don't think that my cat would leave him alone. Bummer! I love birds.

Thank you Bob, They are so handsome. I wouldn't want anyone to eat them. I hope I can find them a home.


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Dec 27, 2009
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My Coop
Today I lost a little chick. It was the very smallest of the chicks I hatched a few days ago. I was pretty bummed to see it die. It was a Marans. It was just sitting in the corner of the brooder like it just fell asleep.

Really early this morning hubby got almost a whole bottle of boric acid in the bee tree. It won't be long now and they will be gone.

Yesterday I got a forced air incubator on CL for $35!!! Do you know what this means? I wont be cooling eggs anymore so naturally, Today I set 70 eggs. I really don't need 70 chicks. I really only "Need" the Marans and B/BWA. I will send the extra for the kids in Parker for their 4H projects.

I'm getting a goat. I have wanted one for so long and we finally found one. I'm so excited. The dog probably won't be too thrilled about this. I wonder how many times the goat will beat the dog up.

Nuclear Chickens

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Feb 2, 2010
Tonopah, Arizona
Tonopah Pati, I live about 2 miles south of I-10 just off of Wintersburg road. Pretty close to the power plant. We love living in Tonopah also. I retired from the Air Force ( not Luke....Tinker AFB, Oklahoma) 5 years ago. After living in the flight path of an Air Base for 20+ years we wanted to live some where in the country and peaceful. Some place where we can raise our 5 kids and maybe some animals without having to think about what the neighbors thought. I can relate to the health issues on a smaller scale. I work at Honeywell Aerospace by Sky Harbor Airport. Until last month I rode my motorcycle to work every day but coming home from work at 11:30pm a lady pull out in front of me in the I-10 construction at Litchfield slammed on her brakes and I laid the bike down on the highway. Totaled the bike and had to go to Good Sam Trama Center. No broken bones just road rash and some soft tissue damage in my left shoulder. Helmet saved my life. Lady drove off without even checking on me. I'm back at work, just hurt all over. The chickens I have are : 3 White Leghorns, 1 Buff Orpington (Rooster), 1 Barred Plymouth Rock, 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes, 2 Silver Cuckoo Marans, 2 Buff Brahma Bantams. None are laying yet. I ordered them from My Pet Chicken and recieved them the first week in Auguest as day old chicks. They are about 11 weeks old. Looking foward to having our own eggs. This is only my second flock. Lost the first one to the Arizona heat so took a year off of just reading and learning from the post on this site and thought I had learned enough to give it another go. Wish us luck. Reading your post have been encourging. Obviously raising chicken in the Desert is possible.


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My Coop
So great to see Noskiveez and her husband today. Such great people!!! I'm hoping lots of those Marans and the few W/BW hatch!

The Bearded Buff laced polish are SO BEAUTIFUL! So very clean and very well taken care of.

I've just got to get them used to me and my place and pray they start laying eggs!

I really want to trim their feathers so they can see better... they are super easy to catch at present!!!


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Jun 13, 2007
Casa Grande, AZ
Hey y'all! It's been a long time. I've missed you guys. Lol...

Hi Vanessa! Good to see you here. Sugar says 'BA'.

Patti, I'm so sorry to hear you have been so sick. I wish you lived closer so I could help out.

Hi Larissa! It was great catching up with you a few days ago! Missed ya girl!

Just an update.... I'm starting F3 on the Welbar project soon. Hubby is now a detective with Gila River Indian Res. My bff from California is going to be moving in with us soon with her daughter. Long story, but she just needs a fresh start, so we are helping them out as best we can. Now up to 4 horses. I'm trying to sell my pony, but haven't found the right home yet.

I will have some pure welsummer hatching eggs in the next few months if anyone is interested.

It's good to be back...

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