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    It really is quite simple, as long as the rooster is not stressed or nervous. My buff cockerel does not cooperate with the process, but my whites all are accepting of it. There are different techniques that can be done depending on the rooster, my buff he needs his abdomen rubbed instead....

    I do not feel anything obscene was said in this thread, it is a process of nature and most of these discussion forums have a reminder disclosure to alert parents that there will be talks of reproduction and so forth so monitor the kids. Does this forum not have one?
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    Quote:i can't help it but this just makes me laugh! [​IMG] [​IMG] sorry ! [​IMG]

    LOL...I knew someone would laugh at that!!!! Still am What?! Am I weird??? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote:Me neither...I've seen other threads go WAY south and no one says anything...
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    Maybe someone could do a you tube and put a link to it for those interested in the process. I would be interested in seeing how it is done. I have silkie eggs on there way now.
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    [email protected]@2four :

    Quote:Me neither...I've seen other threads go WAY south and no one says anything...

    No one has been inappropriate here. As far as other going south with no one saying anything, report them. Often we dont see each and every post. Others may not have been reported. I had a report on this one. All I am doing is being proactive. The staff forum has several threads of this nature go south.

    Thank you for your kind understanding and carry on! [​IMG]
    I find this very interesting and hope to learn.​
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    I am with the others. You should make a video. It would be a neat thing to see. Not to mention help other out that might be having the same troubles that you are.
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    Last year on the Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe (be still my heart . . .) worked in a commercial turkey operation doing AI on a large number of turkeys. The video might be available on their website. It was interesting, but not much on romance!
  8. Hi! Artificially inseminating chickens is pretty uncomplicated / straight forward because of the way they are built.
    It's a 2-person endeavor and MY hubby says he wouldn't participate "if those were the last chickens on Earth" .

    Fortunately, I don't need AI at this point-in-time.
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    Thats interesting to know.

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