Ascites in Cornish/Rocks?


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May 7, 2007
What does ascites look like in Cornish/Rocks? I have some that are 3 weeks old and are growing by leaps and bounds. We lost one about a week or more ago and it just looked like it had been layed on by it's buddies. The next one we lost was yesterday. I kinda squawked and flipped over. Previous to this it had not been moving that much and had it's feathers fluffed up. It did not want to drink. But when it flipped, I noticed some feed coming out it's beak like perhaps it had choked, but I didn't think it had been over eating if it wasn't interested in drinking.

Then tonight we (mom and I) went out to look in on them and after adding some shavings (the birds were very active) we noticed one that kinda squawked but was still up right. I stroked it's neck thinking that it might have something stuck in it's throat. We offered it a bit of water in a dropper which it drank, but it seemed that it was having trouble breathing. We separated it from the others by putting a box around it (to include one of the waterers) and left it to itself for the night. It does have some light from one of the brooder lamps. I just don't know what to think. Last year when I raised 10 of these guys, I did not loose one.

Anyone have any ideas? I am heading to bed and will try to check here before my day gets too far a long. Please chime in if you have any experience with this. I realize these are not birds prone to longevity, but we would like them to live long enough to get them in the freezer.


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