Aseel chicken VS cat


5 Years
Feb 4, 2014
My question is will the Aseel hen fight the cat if it attacks her chicks?
Also is there any other way of knowing chick gender before they grow up other than checking their reproductive parts?

Den in Penn

8 Years
Dec 15, 2011
SE Pa.
My broodies have all defended their chicks from the cats, successfully. I would watch when you first let them together in the same area new mothers and cats that don't know chicks will be defended can cause some tense moments.
When the broody hormones are flowing they can some times do crazy things to defend the brood. Had a knee problem recently and didn't get someone to close the coop that night. One night what can go wrong? Didn't sleep well and got up at first light. Went outside,to put food for the cats on the back porch. Saw one chick run out in the middle of the chicken's pasture quickly followed by another. Thought that's odd. The rest of them ran down from the coop along the fence followed by a agitated mom. The fox was quickly there and mom reacted. She tried to attack the fox through the fence. I yelled. I guess between the mom and my yell the fox decided it wasn't worth it. Don't know what would have happened if she had them outside of the fence like she usually does or if I hadn't gone out to feed the cats then.

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