At what age do Chickens Begin to lay eggs?

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    At what age do Chickens Begin to lay eggs? My chickens are Arucanas.
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    It really depends on whether they are getting adequate nutrition. My Delaware's are laying great at 6 months old which is typical of their breed and most others. I would think Aracaunas should be about the same so long as they are switched to layer feed at about 4 to 5 months old. I hope this helps!
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    Yes it does... thanks.
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    Breed is the biggest factor and then feed and the general well-being of the flock regards adequate space in coop and run, etc. Also routine plays into it. [​IMG]

    I have large egg layers which all have reps for timely starts in laying regards age and also good wintertime production. I never considered the color of the chooks or their eggs nor the looks or appearance of my chooks. I only looked at production, temperament, climate-hardiness and consistency. [​IMG]
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    Breed matters as does their nutrition and care from the day you got them. What time of year they were hatched probably enters into the equation. It will also vary according to the lines the chicken comes from. What I mean by lines is the parent stock. One breeder may select for early laying while another may not. Chickens from that first breeder will probably lay earlier than chickens from the second. Different hatcheries can have different lines. But I think you will find that when a chicken starts to lay varies a whole lot by individual hen.

    I got all mine from Cackle Hatchery in the middle of May. You can see the breeds in my signature. One Buff Orp started laying at age 18 weeks. Another Buff Orp and a Delaware started at 20 weeks, then another Buff Orp and Delaware at 23 weeks. By 28 weeks, all mine were laying, including the Sussex and Australorps. I've seen on here that some people claim Buff Orps are late to lay. Not my experience, but I certainly believe their experience is different from mine. All mine were raised and housed together and got the same nutrition, yet there was about 10 weeks difference in when the first one laid and the last one started. One of the Buff Orps was the last to start to lay. It will vary by individual.

    With the intentions of full disclosure, I probably should mention that I processed chickens for the table during the time they were starting to lay. I selected the pullets that were not laying for processing, so this distorts my numbers some. From looking at the insides while processing, some I processed were not close to laying, even fairly late in this time period. Different breeds too.

    I do not have your breed, but from my experience, I'd prepare for eggs to start about 16 weeks of age but not get at all disappointed if it were still a couple of months before they really start. They may even wait until Spring to start depending on your weather. When they start varies a lot, even if they get the same treatment and care from day one.
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