Atomic Powers [Part 2]

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Apr 3, 2013
Daren awoke however his whole body was numb and he couldn't move. Like a fish on land, he was stuck. In front of his face was glass. He was in some sort of container which made him try really hard to move since he hated, HATED being locked up. The more he tried, the more he failed. After giving up, the glass container finally popped open. He gasped for air. What was he breathing before if it wasn't air...? Once he got out of the container bed his vision came back to him and he appeared to be in a science lab. Many other containers were lined up in the room also. He rubbed the dust off a glass and saw a girls face. For some reason she looked strangely familiar...


To all rpers who were involved with Atomic Powers [part 1] I recommend you use your old characters that survived. However, you can still create a new character. Every character will be the same exact age, 17. You guys are in a space ship and were put there for experiments. You will discover further information of what happened as you rp. Please, don't make up stories about the experiments. If you have an idea please message me. Right now, the spaceship is is headed towards earth. The experimented characters do not have to have the same powers as in part 1. New people are welcome. It will take 5 days until we arrive to earth. Also, if your character died in atomic power 1 then they can't be in this rp.


-Everyone must have different powers. Similar powers don't count.
-Powers not allowed: Teleportion, Mind reading, time stopping, time travel, super speed, flying.
-Only 2 powers MAX
-Please actually rp and dont try to act like your character knows everything thats going on. For example... Someone rp's "Bob was in a secret room trying to hide so no one could find him."Please respect the other player and don't find the "secret room." No one likes it when someone ruins their idea. So, if you want to "find them" pm the other rper and ask if they'll allow it.
-On the character form please do a picture. If you want certain characteristics then below the picture just say Black hair blue eyes (Example).

Character Form:


*The reason there is no history in the character form is because no one knows anything about their life or their lives in the "other worlds".*

*ALSO All characters are accepted unless I tell you to change stuff*
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Name: Daren J. Crone
Age: 17
Personality: Nice, smart, calm, patient/ Mean, hot-headed, pure evil, genius
Power: Controls light, controls darkness
Crush: None
Bio: Sometimes he goes mad because of the fact his personality changes every day.
Other:Has two personalities. During the day he's nice, but at night he's cruel.

At night:

During the Day:
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Name: John Vendle
Age: 36
Personality: crazy, mad, clumsy,genius, ambitious
Power: None
Crush: None
Bio: Enjoys experimenting on living things.
History: John Vendle, a mad scientist who was banished to space for 10 whole years. He was provided with 5 things to have before he was banished. During his banishment he worked on a experiment...

Name: Jade Cryst
Age: 17
Personality: Shy unless she knows you, likes to be with a group of people, curious
Power: Shape-shifting, heat vision
Crush: None
Bio: Is scared to be alone. She likes to get lost in her music and always carries an ipod and headphones with herself.

Other: She doesnt know shes Laurens sister.
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(Ideas for powers: Speed, night vision, super strength, invisibility, flying, controls weather, poison touch, levitation (move things with your mind), illusion (make people imagine things in their head), super hearing, super sight, elastic body, controls the ground below, xray vision, loud screech, fire resistant, water resistant, controls fire, controls water, controls wind, talk to animals, absorb (a rare element) to make you strong, learn things super fast, stick to any surface(even the ceiling), acid (make acid drip from your body killing everything around you), duplication, healing, omni-linguism(understand and know all languages),
Psyhcic weapons (create weapons out of energy).)
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Name: Julie
Age. 17
Personality: kick a** attitude when angered that'll bite your head off within seconds and make you regret making her angry. Kind at times, serious,
Power: super strength and controls fire.
Crush: none yet
Bio: (Fair warning: don't get on her bad side or you'll regret it!, )


Other: eyes change color with mood. And has asthma and an inhaler.
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