Attacked by dog. ****UPDATE**We finally went to court

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    Quote:Aww, sorry she didn't pull through. [​IMG] Answered prayer that if God had to take her that she passed quietly and with you comforting her. <HUGS> to you. Sometimes pets mean so much to us. Non-pet-owners just don't understand that it's like losing a person in your life. Will still keep YOU in my prayers.
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    I am so sorry... but I am glad that she did not die alone. Poor girl. [​IMG]
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    Jun 8, 2009
    The most important question would seem to be-- whose dogs were these? And how can this be prevented from happening again?
  4. I am soo sorry for your chickie! I was praying too! Your girl came to you for comfort. Her knowing she was safe and with you she could calmly pass and not be scarred anymore.

    YES Rillion IS RIGHT!!!! What happens when you are not there or the same situation as today!
    Take Care
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    I'm so sorry...and sad.

    If I had a nickel for every dog attack on chickens, I'd be a gazillionaire. It's so out of control [​IMG]
    And I totally understand how it can happen even when you're standing right there . In mid-May I was working outside standing right next to my roo and hen (thinking I was protecting them) and a dog barreled into the yard and was so fast that despite all effort I couldn't prevent him from getting at the birds - he zigzagged like crazy. There were 2 of us actually and it took both of us to catch and hold the dog down before he could do any more damage than he had already done. Ellie survived but has a dislocated toe and is in pain still (despite wrapping and splinting done by vet) -

    I'm just so sorry.

    As others wondered above, do you know whose dogs they are?
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    Oh no, I am so sorry. You were the first thing on my mind this a.m. She knew she was loved and cared for. So sorry for your loss.
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    May 15, 2009
    Thank you everyone. One dog I am certain is a stray. The other one must have an owner. In April we called animal control about them. I think the one dog has an owner (I think) because the police said they had caught him and how sweet he was. I'm wondering why he was back out roaming.

    My girls have a sturdy coop and run but I think they will stay inside the coop today. When my girl was taken they were outside the run with me. I didn't see the dogs until the last minute.

    My eyes are still puffy but after another pot of coffee I'm going to open a really big can of whoop a**.
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    May 15, 2009
    It's been a long time but tomorrow at 1pm we go to small claims court to try and recover money for damages from the dogs. It's been a long 4 months. I should have SSS but hubby said no so EVERY SINGLE TIME those dogs came into the yard we had to call the police and file a report. The first page of the police report is $3.00 and each page after that is $2.00. The court filing fee is $72.00 and the cost for the sheriff to service the papers was $62.00. I had to deliver the papers to the sheriffs dept 30 minutes away.

    The dogs keep coming around. We fortified our fence and all told we are into this for about $450.00 not counting that my husband will lose 2-3 hours pay tomorrow.

    Oh, one more thing. I'm afraid of the dogs, there are two of them, and I'm out $40.00 for mace that I carry in my pocket whenever I'm in the yard.

    The owner of the dogs was fined $100.00 for property damage and $10.00 for dog at large. He told the animal control officer he wasn't going to pay. What is wrong with some people?

    I'm not sure I took the correct path on this one. Next time SSS.

    I hope that by the end of the day tomorrow I still believe in our country's legal system.

    Is Boyd out there??? Want to spend some time in southern New Hampshire?
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    May 15, 2009
    So we went to small claims court today. Of course they started 45 minutes late. The defendants are positive it is not their dogs that killed my chicken and keep coming into my yard. The judge bless his ignorant heart grilled me! The judge couldn't make up his mind and will let both parties know in a few days of his ruling.

    I'm fit to be tied! I went to the police dept to ask an officer to go with me to the defendants house so I could tell them, NOT threaten them that the next time I see their dogs on my property I will shoot them. The police officer said that he would do it for me and not to confront anyone. The police officer talked to the animal control officer who said 'by the way, we have a certified letter for them. More charges for them because the dogs they don't own aren't registered." So the officer will pass along the message from me and try to deliver the certified letter. I explained that they won't answer their door. They never do when the police have to come out for a complaint about the dogs roaming my yard. He said that 'they have to turn on the inside lights sometime and if the officer is not busy he can stop by a 'few' times and if necessary pound on the door. That made me feel a little better. The officer also said he will find out what they drive so he can see what cars are in the driveway.

    The police said they will call me with results or stop by today.

  10. I just found this thread. I am sorry for your loss of Miss Chicken. [​IMG]

    I'll be thinking of your situation and sending postive thoughts your way. Maybe that judge just wanted to check out laws and ordianances so that his ruling will be for you. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I hope that dumb dog owner will get the book thrown at him too. [​IMG]

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