Attacked by dog. ****UPDATE**We finally went to court

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    May 24, 2009
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    Some people are so ignorant! I'll be keeping you in my prayers and that judge that his eyes be open to what is going on. [​IMG]

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    Jun 16, 2009
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    Sometimes when all the proper channels don't work for good, you have to take matters into your own hands to protect your property. [​IMG] We have same type situation with neighbors big dogs attacking our little dogs. So far, we've been lucky with our chickens. Either way its not a fun situation to be in. Our dogs have survived all 3 attacks, only by The Grace of God. I'm sorry your chicken baby didn't make it. I really hope it works out in your favor. [​IMG]
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    KILL THE DOGS NEXT TIME!!!! i hate saying that but DO IT! People are so very ignorant and they blow my mind. I would be devistated if my dog A: got out B: killed a chicken or hurt a living being.

    SSS and don't think twice [​IMG]
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    Quote:My sister had to go to court recently because her ex has issues (we'll leave it at that) and that judge grilled her. She was so upset and said she hoped she never got him again and she was so worried about the outcome. We felt the same way that the judge just did not get it. She got his ruling a few weeks later and he ruled in her favor and really came down hard on her ex for things he had been getting away with for years. SO hopefully this will be the same for you. It's hard telling what is going on in their heads at times. Good luck.
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    yeah, they work at staying or at least appearing to be, very detatched. It's hard on your nerves, but don't give up hope. It sounds like you handled yourself throughout in a very mature way, that should really help your case.
  6. purpletree23

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    May 15, 2009
    Well I finally have the judges decision. Came in the mail today. I was awarded $50.00 for my chicken, $72.00 for the court fees I had to pay to file for small claims and $.44 interest. The judge did not award the $18.00 for the police reports or the $62.00 for the sheriff to serve the papers.

    I was told by the court clerk that the money I had to pay for the sheriff to serve the papers was refunded if the judgement was found in my favor. I will go to the town hall in the morning to ask about it. Maybe it was just an oversight.

    Am I satisfied? Not really. Do I think the neighbors will keep their dog on their property? Maybe. If the dog bothers my chickens again will meet .22? Yes. Would I do this again? No.

    If the owner of the dog does not pay me in full in 30 days I can complete a Motion for Periodic Payments blah blah blah and return the paper work to the court with $25.00 for further action.

    Oh Happy Day! I'll post again from my padded room.
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    I wouldn't be satisfied either. It sounds like your out quite a bit of money already and no way to actually enforce him paying you what you were awarded without further expense on your part and additional court dates etc. etc. Could drag out endlessly. The legal system is so full of loop holes and red tape that it seems people are no longer held accountable for anything. It's amazing what people can get away with and they know it. I've been that route and have no faith in it anymore. The dog owner is not going to change his ways and I bet you never see a cent from him. Next time you see the dog on your property shoot it on sight. He shouldn't care if it's not his dog!
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    May 27, 2009
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    Oh My Stars. I am so sorry. How frustrating for you.

    I can't imagine the frustration you are feeling right now.

    I think SSS is right.
  9. ShaggysGirl

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    May 24, 2009
    Temperance, MI
    What a pain in the butt. I would sss next time for sure. What about your time and emotional suffering?
    I have won two small claims cases and both I got diddily poo from. One sent like 3 five dollar money orders then stopped. The other nothing. The courts said I have to garnishee their wages to collect and to do that I would have to know where they worked. I didn't know so won case lost moneys.

    I do hope they keep their dog out of your property now.
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