Attacked by the Kernal !!!!!!!!!


Brooder Boss
10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
So yesterday I went up to Indy to Attack Chickens home.. Who by the way has the most amazingly HUGE heart
... She was kind enough to give me her Jumbo Coturnix that she had won at the Indy meetup , because she had heard that mine had been killed by a coon

So anyway as you can imagine I am super excited to meet the Famous Kernal ( who by the way is even more breathtaking in person) ... We walk into the backyard and I am very graciously introduced to his Highness... A few minutes later AC and I are admiring my new Quailies and Bam
outta nowhere the Kernal takes a whop at the back of my leg...
His badness thought I was'nt supposed to be in HIS yard so he let me know all about it... Needless to say Mister Kernal was unceremoniously plopped into his lil rooster jail for the remainder of my stay .....
Poor guy was just taking care of his girls

To Miss AC I truly cannot tell you how much I appreciatte such an amzing gift from you .... You truly have awesome heart and I send many blessings your way ....

P.S. All 15 are settled in and enjoying there new digs....
Yay!! I'm so glad you got some more quail! I mentioned to AC that yours had been killed, but I didn't think she'd give them to you! How nice is that??

I would have been scared out of my wits if I'd been attacked by a rooster that big! I have a few myself that keep me cautious, but so far none has flat-out attacked.

I'm sure I would have been laughing myself silly if I'd have been there (with you getting flogged that is

Congrats on the new quail!!
Thanks soo much Shelley.... She really is amazing... Luckily I had jeans on and he just got me the one time... It was kinda intimidating to look down and see that big boy all puffed up at me....
I'm am so sorry he attacked you lol... Usually he just keeps a close eye on people when their in the backyard. From now on if people come over he's being put up. You were the first person he's flogged since last year in his "teen" stage. So sorry again

I'm just happy to help a fellow BYCer friend out
Glad to hear their settling in just nice! Did you ever find out what my little Oddball is?
Dont worry about it ... It was more funny then anything.... I just had to have a catchy Topic to get people to look .... I havent had a chance to post pics yet but will soon ..,. Then should know...

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