Attacked Guinea Hen; Need Advice


In the Brooder
Sep 9, 2018
this isn't my first time dealing with coyotes and foxes attacking my birds, but this is only the second to survive. I went down to my barn put them away at night when I found 1 dead broiler, another missing, and an injured guinea. the missing one was clearly gone, and the other had a heart attack, but the guinea has a massive bald spot on its back and deep teeth marks.

the bites aren't too bad, but im worried about her dying of cold. it gets into the 20s at night here. I has thinking of rubbing some vasaline on her back to help keep it from cracking and to help keep her warm. also, the other birds are proven to attack open wounds, so should I separate her from them with some medicated water and food.

I might be able to upload a photo if you want, but its gross.

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